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2007 Then She Found Me
2006 Bobby
2005 Empire Falls
2004 A Good Woman
2001 The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
2000 Dr. T & The Women
2000 Pay It Forward
2000 Cast Away
2000 What Women Want
1998 Mad About You: Season 07
1997 Mad About You: Season 06
1997 Saturday Night Live: Helen Hunt
1997 As Good As It Gets
1996 Twister
1996 Mad About You: Season 05
1996 Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible: The Nativity
1995 Friends: The One with Two Parts

What Women Want:
Mel Gibson is Nick Marshall, an ad executive who grew up with his Las Vegas showgirl mother - and so has an alpha male view of women, which works well for him when it comes to getting men to buy beer or cars or getting most women (such as a coffee attendant Marisa Tomei at a local shop) to fawn over him. However, just as he thinks he's heading for a promotion, his manager Dan (Alan Alda) informs him that he needs to hire the talents of Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt) to keep the ad company 'fresh' and get new customers. Thus, his ego is bruised and he gives the cold shoulder to Darcy in the process.

A Good Woman is a 2004 Spanish/Italian/US film based on the Oscar Wilde play Lady Windermere's Fan and directed by Mike Barker.It stars Helen Hunt as serial seductress Mrs. Erlynne, Mark Umbers and Scarlett Johansson as the recently-married Windermeres, Stephen Campbell Moore as the rakish Lord Darlington, and Tom Wilkinson as wealthy bachelor Tuppy.

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